Annika Walter, M.Sc.

Research and Teaching

After completing my master’s degree in Neurosciences, I spent two years at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) researching possible treatment approaches for dementia before I started working as a developer and scientific consultant at a software startup in Cologne.

Meanwhile, my second degree in English, German, comparative cultural and literary studies, as well as psychology, has allowed me to further my involvement in research areas in the humanities. In addition to my work and studies, I have also volunteered as a development volunteer at the Neurofibromatosis Tumor Foundation, and as a mentor for girls in STEM subjects at CyberMentor.

Since an internship at the Institute for Ethics in Neuroscience (INM-8) at the Research Center Jülich in 2016, I have also been increasingly involved in neurophilosophical topics, primarily focusing on questions from the field of consciousness research.