Projekt der Alanus Hochschule in Kooperation mit ADAB

For two weeks, AiB is hosting students from the near-by Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, who are participating in a project on dialogic painting led by Professor Beatrice Cron in cooperation with AiB’s subdivisionADAB (Academy for Applied Dramatic Arts Bonn). 
The students are mostly in their third year of studying ‚Art / Education / Therapy (B.A.)‘ and are working in three groups on a joint abstract painting each.  
The project, which is part of their regular semester course program, aims at creating a dialog about painting and painting together while creating mutual respect and conversation around their joint paintings. The goal is to come across new experiences, and intuition, to paint freely without restraints and worries. The focus of the project is on the process of painting and the dialog, human ‘contact’, resonances, and encounters this produces, less about creating the ‘perfect’ art piece.  
The course project is part of a competition launched by the Stifterverband ‘One University – One Book’where universities pick one book and then offer courses, panels, and workshops to enable dialogue and discussion revolving around the book’s theme. The Alanus Hochschule chose Hartmut Rosa’s book ‘Resonance – a sociology of the world relationship’ as their theme this year, offering many related courses, workshops and projects which will culminate in a ‘Day of Resonance’ this fall. 
Check out the pictures below for some impressions of the work in progress: