Eva Fürst, M.A.

Research and Teaching

I completed my degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies with a thesis that focused on the structural oppression of women in research on the doppelganger motif in Anglophone literature. My research focus has been in the area of gender (in)justice. I pay particular attention to the many ways in which classic gender roles are deconstructed. In my work as a tutor and as a research assistant in the Institute Library of English Studies at the University of Bonn, I had the opportunity to contribute to the academic and administrative operations. Internships in the LVR Clinic in Bonn as well as in the dramaturgy of the Theater Bonn have broadened my interests in the social as well as artistic field. Since 2016, I have been expressing my creativity in the Bonn University Shakespeare Company e.V., as well as in the newly founded CIRCE theatre e.V. association.