Hilde Koch

Housing Manager

Since earliest childhood I have been interested in languages and foreign cultures: I had Canadian relatives, Belgian kids in the neighborhood, Dutch friends on vacation, English and French exchange students and a lot of intercultural experience travelling abroad within Europe and to Canada. It’s not surprising that I studied languages and became a teacher. (First and Second State Examination, comparable to M.A.) Second State Examination after two years of preparation service 

Now that I have been teaching German at AIB for almost 30 years and being responsible for assigning students a host family, I can say this job is exactly what suits me best. Coming from a big, hospitable family I learned how important it is to try to understand others, their motives and points of view, to solve problems by talking, and finding good solutions or compromises. All these skills and my personal experiences as a host mother, my patience and my sense of humor are essential for my job both as a teacher and in the AIB housing coordination team.