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Liberal Arts

Semester Program

AiB LMU in Germany

Term: Spring/ Fall
In Cooperation with: Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles (LMU) & Institute for Education and Social Innovation (ibugi)
The AiB LMU in Germany program has a tradition as LMU’s longest-running study abroad program and is open to students of all majors, as it offers a wide range of LMU’s core courses and upper-division major requirements. This includes classes in theology, business, music, philosophy and art. In this program, students can keep on track with their studies while learning new European perspectives and methods . Courses are taught in English with a strong emphasis on global, political, and cultural issues and an interdisciplinary approach. In guided excursions visiting students will engage deeply in their own learning, expanding on their knowledge and understanding of European practices and concepts, and practice the transfer of knowledge across contexts. 
AiB Contact: Charlotte Korff (Senior Academic Manager) – ck@aib-bonn.org

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ARHS 4756 – Urban Art & Architecture (4 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
The seminar examines urban design and its architecture as an ever-changing microcosm shaped by social, political, economic, and cultural factors, as well as functional, technical, and aesthetic ones. The introduction of major architectural styles will emphasize the symbolic and representational interaction with, and reception of a building, including aspects such as the relationship between demographics and lifestyle in historical and contemporary architecture. 
INBA 3810 – International Business (3 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
This advanced elective course provides students with basic concepts and tools to assist in future understanding, planning, and successful managing of businesses with a global market perspective. This course also provides a focus on the EU as a major economic bloc, which will enrich the students’ study of global business from their direct experiences in Germany and Europe.  
MUSC 398 – Beethoven and his times (3 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
This interactive course is designed for students with a general interest in music with a focus on Beethoven and his impact on music society. This class is specifically designed to accommodate students’ personal cultural interests and skills to develop a greater understanding of the music of Ludwig van Beethoven, Bonn’s famous musical son.
PHIL 3110 – Environmental Ethics (3 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
The course examines various approaches to environmental ethics and their relationship to ethical theories. The philosophical debate on environmental ethics concerns the moral and normative relationship of humans to the natural environment and its inhabitants. Of particular interest is the question of drawing positive and negative boundaries for dealing with nature and its diversity by recourse to normatively understood guiding concepts such as human, life, suffering, or nature, i.e., anthropocentric, biocentric, pathocentric, or biocentric dimensions. 
THST 3998 – European Christianity (4 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
The course introduces students to methods of systematic and historical theology, including the historical analysis of the cultural, political, and intellectual contexts that serve theological reflection and the philosophical analysis of theological concepts and issues.
GERM 1998 – Elementary German (4 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
This course is aimed at students without any pre-knowledge of the German language. The goal is to give students the ability to speak, understand, read and write German on a basic level.  Everyday conversational skills that students will need outside of the classroom are highly emphasized. Additionally, the academic contents of the course will cover aspects of German history, directly connecting the learning of the language with a better understanding of the students’ study abroad location.
Students with prior German knowledge can choose an advanced class.


Academic Extended Study Tours:

2 days Ahrtal or Upper Middle Rhine Valley, Germany
5 days Bruges, Belgium and Paris, France 
5 days Berlin, Germany and Dresden, Germany 


Academic Regional Study Tours: 

Multiple academic one-day study tours to regional locations such as Aachen, Upper Middle Rhine Valley, Ahrtal, Cologne.


Cultural & Social Activities:  

AiB Charity Day, Bonn Marathon, Rhine River Cruise,  Intercultural Workshops , Classical concerts, Museum of German Post War History.



host families, hostels/hotels (during academic extended study tours)