University Certificate Course

Media Competence in the Digital Era – An Introduction to Media Theory, Media Aesthetics and Media Practice 

Dates and Fees

Dates: tbd

Venue: Online event (Zoom) and face-to-face meetings (Wilhelmstraße 27, 53111 Bonn, Germany)

Fee: 1.195,00 EUR (entire course, 4 ECTS)

Contact and additional Information:

Course I – Introduction to Media Theory and Media Aesthetics (Online-Seminar, 1 ECTS)

Lecturer: Dr. habil. Stefan Meier                                    

Media design and production entail a social responsibility that should not be underestimated. Media creators use signs and technologies to create exemplary access to the world and its aesthetic representation. They thus have a great influence on the world views and preferences of media users. For this reason, it is necessary for media professionals to have the reflective competence in addition to practical skills. The course provides a functional set of concepts and analytical tools that allow for an application-oriented examination of the relationship between media, signs, design and society. 

Fee (course 1 only): EUR 250,00

Dates: tbd


  • Learn from lecturers with many years of university teaching experience 
  • Location-independent further education 
  • Qualification with university certificate 

Course II – Introduction to Media Production (Online Seminar & Classroom Workshop, 3 ECTS)

Lecturers:  Jens Köppelmann, Astrid Menze, Stefan Bohmeyer 

The connection of media theory and technical competence is the access to a comprehensive media education. Only one’s own creative work with image, sound and editing sensitizes for multimodal narration and enables a critical distance, which is necessary for an evaluation of and dealing with media. The course teaches core technical skills for creating an audio-visual contribution. The focus is on hands-on learning, which enables participants to create their own media product within the classroom workshops.

This includes:

  • Introduction to camera work and cinematography
  • Introduction to sound work and sound design
  • Introduction to picture and sound editing
  • Project work: design of a media product

Fee (course 2 only): EUR 1095,00

Dates: tbd


  • Learn from lecturers with many years of teaching experience, also internationally
  • Lecturers are themselves freelancers in media production (Berlin, Cologne)
  • Provision of video and sound equipment on the days of attendance
  • Provision of iMacs for post-production incl. software (DaVinci Resolve) on the days of attendance
  • Intensive, individual support
  • Attendance days in a creative atmosphere in a central downtown location in Bonn
  • Qualification with university certificate