Performing Arts

Semester Program

AiB Theater Arts

Term: Spring
In Cooperation with: Institute for Education and Social Innovation (ibugi)

The AiB Theater Arts semester program offers majors of theater a combination of courses that focus on theater in the European context, including the acting styles of Konstantin Stanislavski, Bertolt Brecht, Michael Chekhov, Le Coq, and Mask work, and the more conceptual deconstructionist post-modern European design and directing styles. Taught by European professionals in their field, students will benefit from in-depth and rigorous theoretical and practical theatre training. Students will gain a broad understanding of and skillset in European theater craft. The program focus can be adapted according to curricular needs.

AiB Contact: Charlotte Korff (Senior Academic Manager) –

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Selection of courses taught in past programs:

THEA 435 – Balkan Spirit in Drama (3 credits) – taught by US faculty 
This theoretical seminar analyzes and familiarizes students with the specific features of Balkan theater in preparation for the academic workshops and theater visits in Zagreb, Croatia.


THEA 450 – Theater Practicum: Crew (3 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
This course is focused on the individual crew contributions for the final stage production.
THEA 498.1 – European Acting Technique (3 credits) – taught by AiB faculty 
This course is designed as a practical in-depth study of the Stanislavski method and approach to the acting process as applied while incorporating various techniques to develop body awareness, imagination, emotional access, physical actions, psychological gestures and complex theatrical characters.
THEA 498.2 European Acting Technique II (3 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
This class is designed as practical in-depth study of Bertolt Brecht’s Epic Political Theatre approach to the acting process and directing process. Techniques learned and applied are gestus Verfremdung (distancing or estrangement effect), the use of 3rd person in character development, partner exercises, and video and camera acting.
THEA 498 – Advanced European Movement (3 credits) – taughty by AiB faculty
This course is designed as a practical in-depth study for the European approach to physical movement and vocal speech for the actor. Techniques include Movement for Actors, Stage Combat, Eurythmy and Le Coq technique.
THEA 490 – Senior Thesis (3 credits) – taught by US faculty
Students in their senior semester work on an individual senior thesis together with the accompanying faculty member.  
THEA 351 – Theater Performance Practicum (3 credits) – taught by AIB faculty
Coursework is focused on individual acting work and individual performance during the final stage production.
THEA 410  – Advanced Scene Study (3 credits) – taught by AIB faculty 
Styles in European Physicality and Drama will be analyzed and practiced in Bonn and with master teachers at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. A focus will be on Michael Chekhov, Le Coq and Voice Techniques.
GERM 1998 – Elementary German (4 credits) – taught by AiB faculty
This course is aimed at students without any preexisting knowledge of the German language. The goal is to give students the ability to speak, understand, read and write German on a basic level. Everyday conversational skills that students will need outside of the classroom are highly emphasized. Additionally, the academic contents of the course will cover aspects of German history, directly connecting the learning of the language with a better understanding of the students’ study abroad location.
Students with prior German knowledge can choose an advanced class.


Academic Extended Study Tours:

2 Days Eifel 
3 Days Berlin
further study tours will be tailored to focus of the program

Academic Regional Study Tours: 

Multiple academic one-day study tours to regional locations such as Cologne, Wuppertal and local theaters.


Cultural & Social Activities:  

AiB Charity Day, Bonn Marathon, Rhine River Cruise,  Intercultural Workshops


Special Projects:

Professional stage production and professional stage play at the end of semester at a public theater in Bonn.



host families, hostels/hotels (during Academic Extended Study Tours)