Your Campus Extension in Bonn since 1993.

Education Abroad

Education Abroad

Your Campus Extension in Bonn since 1993.

Framed by comprehensive student services and support structures, AiB’s custom-tailored programs emphasize strong academic instruction that is enhanced by carefully designed engaged learning experiences. AiB’s program formats include faculty-led and AiB led teaching sessions and internship programs, and a range from three weeks to a full semester in duration. We connect students with local institutions, projects and discourses and foster an atmosphere in which students can strengthen and expand their personal skillsets in order to meet today’s challenges. We value close collaboration with our partners and strive to meet their needs and expectations for program design. Students and guest faculty benefit from a strong AiB community in which all members – AiB program coordinators, program assistants, host families, faculty and external experts – are devoted to the values of education abroad, our students’ success and the community’s well-being.

Student Benefits

International Experience

Interdisciplinary Learning

Personal Development

Our Approach

AiB is a value-based education abroad provider. In its educational work, AiB is committed to a humanistic and holistic educational ideal. It counts among its guiding values the endeavor to deal responsibly with nature and natural resources, the advocacy of an open, liberal society, and in particular the respect for freedom of thought, science and art. AiB regards itself as an international academic forum that brings people and cultures together and enables them to engage in an open exchange with a focus on social perspectives for the future.

Our programs

Tailor-made Education Abroad

Our program design is specific and tailored to the needs and expectations of our partner institutions. In our portfolio there is not one program like the other, each institution of higher education has its own goals and its own mission. We are eager to match your goals and strategic directions and offer pedagogical innovations and customized programs.

Our Services

“AiB takes care of it”. Our range of services encompasses all aspects of education abroad program design and delivery. As per the needs of our partners, we provide all necessary program logistics, such as:

Our academic services

  • Design of curriculum-based education abroad summer and semester programs
  • Design of curriculum-based study tours (local, regional, national and international destinations
  • Provision of local faculty to design and teach courses
  • Provision of local collaboration partners for academic projects
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Project-based collaboration with local institutes and universities

Our logistical services

  • Pre-departure workshops
  • Airport transfers
  • Student accommodations in host families or student residences
  • Guest faculty accommodations in fully furnished apartments
  • Visa support
  • Meaningful extracurricular activities that engage students with local culture and connect them with local people and organizations
  • Up-to-date classroom environment and technological infrastructure


On-site Logistics

Host Families

Study Trips

Health & Safety

Our City: Bonn.

Bonn is an ideal education abroad environment, both for students and faculty as it combines a safe and welcoming atmosphere with international reach. Being home to Bonn University, the United Nations, the United Nations University, top-notch research institutions and a plethora of international organizations, Bonn offers an atmosphere that welcomes people from all over the world and provides ample opportunity for networking and academic exchange. At the same time, with its 325.000 inhabitants, deep history, rich cultural scene, efficient infrastructure and strong local cultural identity, Bonn is a vibrant, safe and pleasant place to experience life in Germany and Rhineland traditions. A dense public transportation network, nearby international airports, the proximity of cities such as Paris or Amsterdam as well as beautiful natural and cultural attractions in Bonn’s vicinity add to Bonn’s appeal.

Health & Safety

We want students and faculty to feel safe and comfortable during their time in Bonn.

AiB staff is trained to address health, safety and risk management issues or concerns. We draw on an extensive support network to do this:

  • AiB operates a 24-hour emergency contact number that can be reached worldwide.
  • In the event of an illness, accident or other emergency, AiB assists with medical care by providing referrals to doctors or other specialists. 
  • Bilingual AiB staff accompanies to appointments and help with formalities.
  • A systematic response system is in place to reach all students in emergencies.
  • AiB works closely with partner institutions, embassies, consulates and the local authorities. Important information, such as travel warnings, is immediately disseminated to all students.
  • AiB conducts orientation and information sessions that provide information about safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural and religious conditions in the host country. These events address not only health and safety issues, but also potential health and safety risks and appropriate emergency response measures.
  • AiB has an extensive network of carefully selected host families who can also provide supportive assistance in times of need.
  • AiB has a network of English speaking medical professionals.

In addition, Bonn is city with a high standard of living, a low crime rate and a strong international atmosphere where many people speak English.

Our memberships

AiB is a member of these associations and organisations of higher education:


Our partners

Butler University, Indiana

Lafayette College, Pennsylvania

Loyola Marymount University, California

Lehigh University, Pennsylvania

Moravian College, Pennsylvania

Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State University

Texas A&M University

University of Alaska at Fairbanks

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Texas

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

University of Oklahoma

Purdue University

Wesley Theological Seminary

Auburn University

Prairie View A&M University

Columbia College, Chicago

Academy of Arts University, San Francisco

California State University at Long Beach

What faculty and partners say about AiB

As a faculty member, the AIB team always amazes me in how many of the details they take care of so that I can do what I love to do – to teach students in an immersive environment about culture, place and the design of our built environment.  AIB works tirelessly and coordinates with me to make sure travel arrangements, local guides and speakers, meal options and even emergency medical services for students are all in place.  

Absolutely a joy to work with.  AIB is committed to being education and student-focused.  As a faculty member, they make study abroad with undergraduates easy to deliver.  Housing, transportation, extracurricular activities, emergency medical support; they think of everything.

Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Delaware

From handling the visa process, to the precise planning of excursions related to your field of study, to providing countless events aimed towards facilitating student engagement, the AIB was always present and extremely helpful no matter what time of day it was or if it was the weekend.

TAMU Biosciences; Teaching Assistant and Student

For me, it’s really gratifying to talk with returning students and hear their stories of places revealed and friendships formed. For many of them, their study in Europe will strongly influence their career aspirations and the way they practice environmental design. And for all of them, it will deepen a sense of their place in an increasingly global context. Transformative learning may be a catchphrase, but for our students the Bonn experience achieves just that. I’m pleased to give AIB my full and unqualified endorsement.

Professor of Landscape Architecture, Pennsylvania State University

Frequently asked questions

Was ist eine Clean-Desk Policy?

Clean-Desk Policy bedeutet, dass Du dir jeden Tag neu aussuchen kannst, an welchem Platz Du arbeiten möchtest. Komm morgens einfach ins Atelier und such dir eine gemütliche Ecke aus. Wenn Du Abends fertig bist, hinterlasse den Arbeitsplatz bitte so, wie du ihn vorgefunden hast. Dadurch kann auch ein*e andere*r Künstler*in den Platz wieder verwenden. Wenn du Abends das Atelier verlässt und am nachten Morgen direkt weitermachen möchtest, kannst du für einen Abend deine Materialien stehen lassen.

Komme ich auch am Wochenende und spät Abends ins Atelier?

Ja, in besonderen Fällen ist das auch möglich. Ein paar unserer Art Coworker*innen besitzen einen Schlüssel, mit dem sie dir nach individueller Absprache die Tür auch am Wochenende aufmachen können.

Welche Ausstattung hat die Küche?

Wir haben eine voll ausgestattete Küche mit Ceranfeld, Kühlschrank, Mikrowelle, Kaffeeautomat, Wasserkocher, Samowar, Töpfen, Pfannen, Geschirr, Besteck, Tassen und Gläsern.

Welche Veranstaltungen finden bei euch statt?

Wir organisieren regelmäßige Community-Treffen und andere Veranstaltungen über die wir Dich unter dem Reiter “News” auf dem Laufenden halten. Wenn Du per Email über neue Events benachrichtigt werden möchtest, abonniere gerne unseren Email-Newsletter.

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Academic Director

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