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Benefit from almost 30 years experience in Education Abroad: Our Further Education courses are open to the general public.


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About Us

In its educational work, AiB is committed to a humanistic and holistic educational ideal. It counts among its guiding values the effort to deal responsibly with nature and natural resources, the advocacy of an open society, and in particular the respect for freedom of thought, science and art.  
AiB is an international academic forum that brings people and cultures together and enables them to engage in an open exchange with a view to social perspectives for the future.

“As a faculty member, the AIB team always amazes me in how many of the details they take care of so that I can do what I love to do – to teach students in an immersive environment about culture, place and the design of our built environment.”

Eric Bardenhagen, Ph.D. RLA, ASLA
Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Delaware

” AIB gave me the opportunity to seek adventure. I learned that immersing oneself in different cultures each week made me a better designer, creator and well-rounded person.”

Emily Bonanno
Penn State Landscape Architecture Student

“Overall I received the maximum learning experience at AiB while having the time of my life. If I could experience studying abroad in Bonn all over again for the first time, I would.”

Denise Anne Tuquero
CSULB Psychology Student

“Choosing to spend a semester in Bonn with AiB was one of the best investments in myself that I’ve ever made.”

Madison Hansen
LMU Theater Arts Student

“AIB’s strong academic program helped me to improve my academics and also to open myself culturally.”

Tafita Rakotozandry
Lafayette Engineering Student

“One of the things that I find most remarkable is that AIB staff engage with students as the whole individuals that they are. They foster students’ intellectual and emotional needs while challenging them to be curious and embrace occasions to strike out on their own.”

Ken Tamminga
Professor of Landscape Architecture, Pennsylvania State University

“Studying abroad with AIB was definitely the highlight of my college experience. The AIB program allowed me to grow as a person and explore a new part of the world all while providing engaging learning opportunities and a strong academic experience.”

Quinn McGannon
LMU Student

“My time with AiB was spectacular. I gained so much from my stay in Bonn. I was placed with a wonderful host family and was able to truly experience an immersed life in Germany.”

Evan Aranda
Texas A&M University Student

“The AiB has given me a life-changing experience that I will never forget. I am forever grateful for the gift of immense learning and formative experiences that the AiB provided me with.”

Emma Forthofer
LMU Film Semester Major

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3x in the heart of Bonn

Nordstadt: Wilhelmstraße 27

Südstadt: Adenauerallee 7

Zentrum: Thomas-Mann-Straße 36

3x in the heart of Bonn

ZentrumThomas-Mann-Straße 36
Südstadt: Adenauerallee 7
Nordstadt: Wilhelmstraße 27