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Susanne Faillard

German Language Instructor

I have been teaching German as a foreign language at the academy of international education since 2011. After my final secondary-school examination (Abitur) I spent one year travelling through Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia before studying German and English which I finished with my first and second state examen (MEdT.). I love travelling, different cultures and languages as well as meeting people from all over the world. An important experience I made whilst travelling to different places was how important it is ´to look further than your own backyard´. This experience influenced my own life as well as my attitude towards teaching. Teaching German is more than impart grammar and words. It is a mixture of intercultural communication, reflecting own experiences whilst being abroad in combination with the language itself. 

Education and learning is an important part of our society and the basis for a peaceful growing up and living together all over the world. I love to teach at the AIB because for me teaching is more than a profession – it is my passion!